Teachers and schools

The IBT provides many different reports on student performance to help teachers 
and schools better understand where their students are positioned on the learning continuum.

Printable pdf reports
Interactive Excel reports
School leaders
Classroom teachers

Using sophisticated psychometric analysis, we place every test question and every participating student on a developmental scale for that subject area. This enables teachers to easily see the subject areas where students are performing above the standards and the areas where students may require additional support. The reports help teachers analyse student performance by Grade, Section, Strand and Item level to link learning outcomes from the test directly into the classroom and use the data to improve their teaching.

Longitudinal tracking over multiple years helps school leaders to track the progress along the developmental scale of individual students and different cohorts of students. If student progress is deemed to be insufficient, teaching staff can implement action programmes to help students realise their full potential. The school reports allow for benchmarking performance, curriculum planning, differentiated learning and act as valuable data and evidence for school improvement plans and accreditation purposes.

International comparisons

The suite of IBT reports enables teachers to compare the academic performance of their students with other students in their school, their country, and in other countries around the world.

The international comparisons provided in the IBT reports are based on the performances of students from a large sample of schools around the world. These schools are predominantly either international schools or national schools with an international focus, teaching at least 50 per cent of the curriculum in English.