The International Benchmark Tests is an internationally administered program of assessments to compare student performance globally, between grades and over time.

The IBT allows individual student performance to be tracked against international standards.
The tests cover English, Mathematics, Science, Arabic Language and Reasoning. ACER has offered IBT to schools since 2005 and the program continues to grow each year.

Measure student progress

Online or paper tests

Detailed psychometric analysis

New test questions every year
Schools enrolled
2.4 million
Tests taken

The benefits of IBT

International comparisons

Compare student results against international benchmarks, and against a described proficiency scale of student ability worldwide.

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Comprehensive reporting

See a complete picture of student learning with a rich variety of reports and data provided to schools, as well as detailed individual reports for parents showing student progress.

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World class test content

New and stimulating content is developed for the IBT by ACER each year, a world leader in educational research, assessment and reporting.

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About ACER

ACER is one of the world’s leading educational research centres.

Since it was established in 1930, it has built a strong reputation as a provider of reliable support
and expertise to education policy makers and professional practitioners.

ACER has been instrumental in the implementation, management and reporting of large-scale
international surveys such as TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS and ICILS. ACER brings its vast experience in these types of assessments to the IBT program.